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Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones

3.00 LBS
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Product Description



Introducing Solitude XCS Headphones… a revolutionary new way to listen to music!



Whether you’re a true audiophile or just an individual who appreciates the vibrant, rich sounds of music and The Sound of Silence® , the Solitude XCS is hands-down the best noise-canceling headphone on the market.With its sleek design and innovative features, you’ll find the unparalleled sound- quality of the Solitude XCS Headphones music to your ears.

Experience Music In A Whole New Way

While some noise canceling headphones simply make music louder, the Solitude XCS utilizes an industry-first, active noise reduction system that enables you to enjoy all the nuances of your music while actively reducing unwanted noise. In addition, the Solitude XCS headphones allow you the flexibility to selectively enhance bass output by simply flipping a switch to bypass the active noise reduction feature, amplifying audio input. The Solitude XCS lets you experience your music like you want to…like never before!

 Everywhere Compatibility

You can rest assured that your Solitude XCS headphones can be used just about anywhere you need.  The interchangeable 3.5mm cable is fully compatible with most phones, computers, gaming devices, and tablet systems and our included microphone cable allows you to remotely control your iPod ®, iPad ® and iPhone ® calling features.  That makes your Solitude XCS headphones compatible nearly everywhere!

 Providing a superior product, at a lower price.

Being first on the market doesn’t always mean you’re the best.  In fact, we see that as an advantage.  We’ve leveraged our knowledge and expertise along with the knowledge and expertise of our competitors and we’ve created a superior product at a price that beats out the competition!

 Experience The Sound of Silence®

For years, we’ve brought to market innovative products that improve your listening experience and allow you to relax without the bother of intruding, unwanted background noise.  Our newest addition, the Solitude XCS headphones provide you with the same level of quality and an even better listening experience!

 Innovative Noise Reduction Technology – works across the spectrum of sound frequencies, making it perfect for travel, work, and home

Studio Quality Sound – high-quality listening experience, even for the most discerning ear

Comfort-fit - inert protein, high porosity index makes the Solitude XCS our most comfortable headphone to date

Accompanying microphone cable – includes remote functionality for cell phone, iPod ®, iPad ® and iPhone ® control and calling (competitors charge you up to $40 more) 

Enjoy your music even longer - over 40 hours of use from AAA batteries, a 15% increase over our competitors 

Fail safe design – if batteries are nearly exhausted, you’ll continue to enjoy a high-quality music experience.  A simple battery change restores full noise reduction functionality!

 How The Solitude XCS Technology Works

Inside the Solitude XCS Headphones, you’ll find our patent pending circuitry, which provides continual noise reduction across the entire acoustic spectrum.  The tiny microphones located inside each ear cup measure the exact ambient noise, then calculate the optimum anti-phase signal needed in order to cancel it out.  Our inert protein ear cushions create a comfortable acoustic seal, which helps to further block out unwanted background noise before ever reaching your ears. 

Pure Listening Enjoyment

 The Solitude XCS Headphones feature an industry-first, multi-selector switch, which allows you to bypass the reduction circuitry, should you choose.  You’re then able to boost your audio input through direct signal amplification technology, creating an amazing sound and listening experience!  The result is deep, full, rich bass tones all combined in a lightweight, innovative design!

 Simple Perfection.  The Sound of Silence®

We may not have created noise-canceling technology, but we have perfected it.  Whether you want to relax with your favorite play list, explore in-flight entertainment, become engrossed in an exciting gaming system, or you simply want to escape from the outside world, the Solitude XCS Headphones will deliver the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from the company who perfected The Sound of Silence®.

Warranty Information

1 Year Full Replacement Warranty

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Product Reviews

  1. My 2nd pair...........

    Posted by JF on 31st May 2014

    I had the original Solitude from 2006 - great sound and a great value. I fly twice a month and have never had a problem. I just got the Solitude XCS and they sound great - look forward to using them for another 8 years.

  2. Great!!!!

    Posted by J. Moore on 16th May 2013

    I'm a medical transcriptionist with a newborn baby in the house. These headphones definitely cut down the noise and the volume is much better than many of the headphones I've used in the past. They still let some of the ambient noise in but it's muffled to the degree that it's no longer a distraction.

  3. Better Sound, Less Money!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2012

    I'm so glad I chose Solitude Headphones. They sound even better than the more expensive brands and they're half the cost.

  4. Excellent sound!

    Posted by Michael D on 11th Sep 2012

    I read the review in the Travel Insider but still had to try them. I didn't find the headphones muddy at all - why would I want to blast my ears! The sound on amplification was rich - great to have an option when just looking for noise reduction but I am stuck on the amp as well!

  5. 85 Decibels on a Boeing 757 out of BWI

    Posted by A. Tate on 24th Aug 2012

    We flew from BWI to ORD today on a UAL 757. Emergency exit row, right hand side. I had downloaded a sound meter on my Android phone, and the interior sound level was 85 - 89 decibels. If I'm not mistaken; any constant sound above 85 for an extended period of time is considered harmful. If these can truly quiet that down; I'm sold.

  6. What a Concept!

    Posted by D Chandler on 24th Aug 2012

    I personally think that they are a great product! I’ve had the Beats by Dre and was never really convinced of the audio quality. These sound (ahem) like they would be a great replacement! A cross between the Bose QC 15 and the Beats by Dre!. What a concept!
    Plus, I'm not too keen on sitting in first class with Beats on my ear. These appear to have the style of the more expensive Bose type, but the amplification of the Beats by Dre.
    Great idea!

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